Children sleeping on floor amid 'bed poverty'.

The Children’s Bed Foundation is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to providing beds and bedding to children and their families in need.

Based in Dorset we aim to help families across the Dorset and Hampshire area and the wider region. We will deliver beds and bedding to children in poverty, to help families in crisis.

Many children in the UK share beds with their parents or siblings. Some families can’t afford to replace or repair unsuitable beds or bedding. For example, broken uncomfortable beds or bedding that has gone mouldy. Too many children have no bed and sleep on the floor. These children go to school tired, and the lack of sleep has enormous implications for a child’s wellbeing and has negative consequences for children’s achievements in education.


Barnardo’s said as many as 6% of children were sleeping on the floor due to not having a bed of their own in the past 12 months.

The YouGov survey commissioned by Barnardo’s also found that around one in 10 Children said they had shared a bed with another member of their family because they did not have a bed of their own.

There could be around 700,000 children sharing beds and more than 400,000 children sleeping on the floor across the UK because they do not have a bed of their own.


Many Children were found to be ‘tired all the time’.

Experts say that children’s bed poverty is linked to: Fatigue, anxiety, poor wellbeing, issues with mental health, poor concentration, and negative behaviour in school.


Through referrals .......

Through referrals from schools, local authorities, and health specialists The Children's Bed Foundation aim to deliver a support package of a :-

Bed Frame/Mattress/Sheets/Quilt & Quilt cover/Pillow and Pillowcases/Pyjamas.

Delivered assembled and set up ready to use.


A Bed package can cost up to £500 but thanks to donations and working with our partners we can supply these packages for less than £200.

A £200 donation will get a child a full package. 

£100 will get a good quality mattress.

£50 will get a quilt and pillow along with covers.

£10-£20 will get pyjamas and for the younger ones a Teddy Bear to cuddle. is proud to support The Children's Bed Foundation